A blocked email:
I may not have mentioned, but I have not been well since last November.  Obviously getting things done has been difficult.  But I have been scurrying around the past few weeks trying to make up for lost time.  I’ve got my living will and regular will written.  (No, I don’t think my current condition will necessitate either, but it has put me definitely in mind of my own mortality.)  I’ve caught up on my continuing education, only to find that my favorite source is also running behind on things; it’s a funny old world.  I’ve got the car running.  The sprinklers still need work, and there are other things, but I’m making a dent in them. 

Then it occurred to me that the statistics for Sweden are unusually alarming, particularly age of first marriage for women.  In 2005 it was a bit over 32 years old and rising at a rate where it is on course to reach 40 by 2029.  It is uncommon for women to have children after that age.  Traditionally there is a bit of a gap between first marriage and first child.  If we call that 2 years, then average marriage will come at 38 in 2023 and those marrying after that will never have children.  Now it is far from uncommon for Swedes to have children without being married, but I am assuming that the behavior of those who do marry is not much different from those who do not.  

Now there are countries where the age at first marriage for women, as of 2005 where the Gapminder statistics end, is even higher than in Sweden.  They are Martinique and Jamaica.  But the rise in age at first marriage there is slower than in Sweden, so it looks like Sweden will get there first.

Knowing all this I thought, “Ah, perhaps I should warn these Swedes.  For others, it will have happened before, but for Sweden although it has happened any number of times in the past, the records are not good.  They are going to be utterly blindsided.” 

So I dashed off the note you’ll find posted on September 17.  Well what do you know, but back she comes blocked.  I am listed as having indulged in “abuse.”  Sorry, but I don’t abuse people.  If somebody feels abused, I apologize.  I don’t intend anything of the sort.  But it’s quite understandable.  Take a gander at the news and there is a sort of nationalist tidal wave coming up from the sea.  They are no doubt inundated with hate mail.  Of course if they’ve blocked me then I’ve written them before warning of an impending crisis. 

Well what to do?  I’m a lover not a fighter.  I’m tempted simply to stand back.  But I’ll have another go at it.  I’ll send the letter by ordinary mail.  If I do not hear back on that one I fear I shall be forced to conclude that they are effectively shielding themselves from evidence.  Since I have nothing else to offer but evidence and maybe a little bit of logic they will have to resolve what issues come up without my help.

There have been 141 visitors over the past month and YouTube has run “Babies Triumph over Evil” 130 times since it was first posted. 

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