A map of racism:

The topic of this site is the advantage of marrying kin.  I often am told, “Ah, you are a racist,” to which I say, “No, and race simply does not apply here.  The population size of and ‘race’ is so great that random mating within it would in the long run be fatal to all concerned.  You have to marry kin.  Same race isn’t close enough and with non-kin it still doesn’t matter what the ‘race might be.’”  Then next thing you know, somebody says, “Ah, you are a …” and we start all over.  So since so may people are obcessed, here is one about ‘race’ or at least racism. 

I’m sure there are those who conflate the word “conservative” with the word “racist.”  I believe there is now evidence that draws that into serious question.  And I suppose if anybody is guilty of the confusion I number among the ranks; maybe there was something to it a generation or two ago, but no longer, and although if I am accused of being racist I shall deny it with all my strength.  If the notion that the biological principle that normal fertility requires mating with relatives is racist I shall not only deny it but bring substantial evidence to bear to prove otherwise. 

That said, I find there continues to be a narrative to the effect that, “People in the South exploited black slaves so they have been racist ever since,” (thus ignoring that the slave trade was perforce carried on by maritime powers, which means the North) “And thus are evil.” 

Maybe I bought into that narrative a bit, so when a woman who is most dear  to me (as well as being my own definition of liberal and politically correct) retired from a small town in Texas and moved to an area including parts of Pennsylvania and Delaware I took a bit of vicarious pleasure in thinking she had escaped the good ol’ boy culture of Texas and found her spiritual home among similar thinkers.

But now somebody has posted a study that examines different parts of the US for degree of racism:
Well what do you know?  She has moved from one of the least racist parts of the country to one of the most racist.  So much for the narrative.

Oh well, there are other pleasures to be had, I’m thinking.

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