A modest lament:
I do far too much complaining.  So my new years resolution is going to be to cut it out (or maybe down).  That means I have a couple of weeks left of unrestricted griping.  So let’s start.

As of a month or so ago, life was looking pretty good.  After more than ten years of effort I had my computer simulation to a state where it gave results I was pleased with.  I had registered for a genetics conference in March of next year and had been accepted to give a poster presentation; of course I would rather have given a talk, but I did not expect that to happen.  And I had received commitments from three professors in different and relevant fields to look at what I had.  That means four chances to get this off my desk and onto the desk of somebody with greater resources and excellent credentials.  “Our work is done here, Tonto.” 

Then I found that the meeting was in Sidney.  Oops.  I thought it was in Charlotte.  I had been dealing with the wrong conference.  Sidney just was out of the question.  Ten years ago, I could have done it, but resources have declined.  So I had to cancel that.  And it was five days too late to apply to make a presentation at the Charlotte meeting.

Then, about the same time, I began to get the sense that none of the professors were actually going to go through with a meeting.  My summary is about 22 pages long, which is far too much to expect anybody to read.  But I could skim it in person and get the results across in just a few minutes. 

I shall go to the Charlotte meeting.  It’s never too late to register.  And maybe, if I am not the only one to fall into the same trap, they just might reopen submissions for a few days.  And all three of the professors could come through.  In fact there is just a chance I can meet with two of them at the same time.  But the tea leaves are not auspicious. 

So wish me luck.  Continue to spread the word.  This might work out yet.

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