A New Friendly Site
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A new friendly site:
Anyone who is interested in getting in touch with me concerning anything I have posted on nobabies.net is invited to write to info@nobabies.net.  Over the years I have received very few messages, all of them positive but none until now seeming suitable for general distribution. 

That has now changed.  I have received a recent (it took me a couple of weeks to look at it) note from one Jane commending to me a link: https://www.your-rv-lifestyle.com/things-to-do-in-england.html .
It is a site filled with enough for a whole evening of reading and dreaming.  Over a number of trips to merry old England I have seen something under half of the sites.  I hope some day to return. 
Thank you, Jane, for brightening my day and opening so many doors.

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