A note on German statistics:
A friend sent me a link.  According to the video the German Federal Statistical Office as of 2008 the downward spiral of the German population was no longer reversible.  They predicted that by 2050 Germany would be a Muslim state.  I found their site:
and it turns out you can send them a request at:
so I have sent them this note.

Sir: A friend has just sent me a link to a video, apparently from 2008.  It concerns the rise of Islam, which is a bit xenophobic for my taste, but among other things it was said that the downward spiral of the German population was no longer reversible; Germany would be a Muslim state by 2050.  I have no advice on the second point, but if the irreversible decline is a problem I do have advice.  It might be possible to turn that right around cheaply and safely without tampering with the Muslim community at all.  Two questions:  Do you have more recent statistics?  And are you interested in restoring a healthy birth rate among the Germans who are now in decline?  If so,  please let me know.  I cannot guarantee success; it may be too late.  But I can guarantee that the decline will, indeed, prove irreversible if the present course is maintained. 
Also, this has never been tried before; it would mean venturing into the unknown although the science that supports it is well established.

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