A time crunch:
For a few years now I have been trying to offer a new idea every day or two.  Today I must apologize and offer none.  That is not because of a lack of ideas but rather the contrary.  Two projects, both related to the issue of kinship and fertility, are each requiring a lot more time and energy than they were, but both are looking rather promising.  Many miles to go before I sleep, of course, but perhaps some day we can all look back on August of 2013 and say, “Those were the glory days.  That’s when it all fell into place.” 

On the other hand, I’m always thinking that.  The difference is that this time it’s taking a lot more work. 

I’ll probably have little to offer for a couple more cycles.  After that maybe we can get back to normal.  Thank you all of you for your loyalty in coming by to check.  It means much to me although I no longer know the name of even one of you.

All best wishes.

Linton Herbert

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