A welcome voice:
The new editor of SCIENCE has made what strikes me as a departure from the policy of the previous one.  A paper had been published that caused some embarrassment, and the editor said that henceforth the journal would not publish results that were unexpected or were likely to cause controversy.  That seems to me in retrospect to seem like such a bad idea that I mistrust my memory. 

Anyway the new editor has made it quite clear (Marcia McNutt Risk SCIENCE vol. 341 no. 6142 July 12, 2013 page 109) that high risk papers are to be encouraged.

My own topic is as far from mainstream as one can very well get.  Flying saucers and supernatural influences are of course not acceptable science given the current data, but at least people have heard of them.  This?  Quite unknown even though all the data are there to be read in the literature.  It’s just nobody puts it together. 

In fact there was a hint yesterday (the thirteenth if you must know) that I was about to get data that should be incontrovertible and absurdly easy to understand.  The next few days should tell. In that case some journal out there is going to have the opportunity to be outraged by something that is quite unexpected.

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