A word of sanity in demographics:
There is a population researcher at the Rockefeller University in New York City, named Joel Cohen.  He has been cited in an article (Megan Scudellari, Myths that Will not Die Nature vol. 528 no. 7582 December 17, 2015 page 322) that addresses certain issues, such as screening for cancer, antioxidants and human brain size, in which voices are so mixed and so strident it’s hard to get at the truth.  There is also the issue of whether people learn better when taught in the way they prefer; I hadn’t known that to be such an issue.  And there is the idea that we are all doomed because of exponential population growth.  I say doomed, yes quite possibly, but not from too many babies.  Maybe doomed from no babies. 

Cohen says that we already produce enough food to feed twelve billion people.  Nobody thinks the world’s population will go so high.  The problem is that the food is poorly used (some goes to make gasoline, which can be obtained other ways) and poorly distributed.  I’ve already gone into the way that can be alleviated, with the usual stunning lack of anybody noticing.

Well maybe I should write Cohen.  I’ve written somebody at that university I’m sure.  And what’s the down side of annoying yet another of the hundreds of experts I’ve addressed over the years? 

It was Paul Ehrlich who invented the “population bomb,” a piece of alarmism still so prevalent now many years after it was evidently wrong that it merits a showcase article in a top journal. 

At least the journal is onto a part of the truth.  That’s something.

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