Alien abduction:  Just for fun and way off topic.
Last night I was giving my brain a rest channel rolling the television and wound up seeing part of a program about an abduction.  A little girl had vanished, and in the context of the show the possibility of less-than-friendly things from another planet taking her was introduced.

I will not deny that my brain is a bit squishy these days.  I have been doing some number crunching that has pushed me far outside of my performance envelope.  So although I have dozens of serious matters to bring to your attention I shall give myself a break for now.

First I do not for an instant believe that any intelligent extra-terrestrial life forms have interacted with people or made their presence known to people. 

Nor do I believe that there is a Nazi society living in South America using UFO technology.  Such a secret would be impossible to keep. 

I suppose that the existence of UFO’s - technically defined as unidentified flying objects - is pretty obvious.  All it requires is that somebody see something in the sky and not know what he’s looking at.  Long years as a radiologist persuade me that this is not uncommon at all.  And a medical image is there for you to gaze at and measure to your heart’s content.   But it is a far cry from a, “Huh?” to the conviction that non human intelligence is at work. 

Then there is the question of the “government secret weapon.”  Since secret aircraft have been built in the past, I suppose it is quite possible they are being invented and built still.  Drone weapons are the obvious candidate.

That said, I found the show quite good.  They brought a lot of very good talent to the production.  So one had to ask, even in such a context, “What would I do?”  

And for that one, of course I had an answer.  Frittering away as much leisure time has I have on such things, it seems to me that these beings are interested in reproduction.  Else why abduct a little girl? 

And if they are, it is probably because they are having trouble with reproduction themselves.  Well of course they are.  Any society, secret human or non human, able to build an aircraft is going to have problems with reproduction.  I have more than once pointed out that a community big enough to develop a technology that requires many specialists is a community that has people cooperating on a scale that will lead them into a social pool that is too big to survive, or that will at least collapse to a very few. 

So if the flying saucer lands in my yard tonight and the bug eyed monsters come in and grab me, I shall shout, “Wait.  I know you are worried about reproduction.  I can help you.”

But no such thing happens.  Not even close.  Maybe they think I’m not much in the way of reproductive potential.  Wait.  Sorry.  They don’t exist.  That’s why they haven’t come.

If they would grace me with a visit, in theory we should be able to make a bargain from which everybody benefits.  “I’ll explain why reproduction is failing you, and you make some suitable display of your technology so we can get some attention.” 

I do not believe that there is the remotest chance they are there.  That is not the universal opinion.  There are those who think we are being visited by extra terrestrial aliens.  For them, I offer one tiny bit of comfort.  If you ever suspect that you are in danger, for goodness sake get on the phone and call 911. 

But if you find yourself in their clutches, send them to  Tell them to read the whole thing.  It’s thousands of pages, so they won’t be able to finish before morning light.  Then they have to let you go.  (At least that’s how the drama runs.)  If they have any questions, give me a phone call or send me an email at  Or if such high tech stuff is beyond them, just march up and knock on the door. 

I do not expect a response.  If there is one, I shall assume it is a hoax.  But I shall undertake to explain all anyway.  What’s to lose?

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