All quiet:
I’ll try to keep you posted from time to time.  Nobody seems to want to chat.  Maybe this is the wrong format.  Last night I met with somebody from Harvard Medical School who was willing to help me set it up to give all my money to Harvard Med when I die.  I explained that I was going to spend it all on this here project.  They want to sell the school’s name.  I said they should sell it to Hooters, so we could still be HMS.  Actually I am among the very best alumni supporting the school, which obviously isn’t saying much.

When I said that I’d gone to Harvard because I thought I’d be joining a community of scholars taking an interest in medicine she was ACTULLY LESS INTERESTED than when I went on about the project. 


... Lab calls.  Can’t read or write these days.  Expect mighty things some time this year.


Over the past month there have been 71 visitors and the video has run 227 times over the roughly year since I put it up.  Most of that was just me looking in on it.  Thanks for staying tuned even though I have nothing at present to offer you.

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