July 8, 2019 To be posted on Nobabies.net


Dear Ryan Cristián,
As a pacifist, I take a great amount of pleasure in your web site.  I see you are open to considering other issues, and although I would do nothing to divert you from your noble work, there us an issue that is supremely important in its own right and might, if properly posed, draw traffic to what we agree on so intensely.  If you can make it happen, splendid.  I have pretty generally failed.  Your home page says you are interested in “current” issues, and since I have been toiling at this for about 30 years I can’t claim it is new.  On the other hand, it has been – no kidding – the most important fact for people since at least the invention of the stone axe a couple of million years ago; on that scale this is piping hot.
The fact, which you cannot possibly have heard about, so prepared to feel like dismissing it out of hand, is that fertility is determined by the kinship of a couple and among their ancestors AND NOTHING ELSE.  Extreme claims need extreme support, and there I have it covered.  Go to http://nobabies.net/movie%20scripts.html  and read through the first 32 scripts of things I have placed on YouTube.  Yes, it will take you an afternoon, but you will learn what humans have not learned for two million years.  What’s more, our lurch toward globalization puts us in peril of extinction.  This has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, nationality or anything else people rave about; it’s all family.  Your population has to have a sufficient number of people marrying closer than tenth cousins, keep its number well under a thousand, or it will die out in a few generations.  This is true of any ethnic group.  On current trajectory, it will be the affluent nations and the good families among the less affluent who will be dying out first.  Absent modern high tech, you can’t feed more than a couple of billion on this planet, and we have more than seven billion.
I have no agenda.  My only intent is to warn people and hope that given the truth people will make prudent choices.
Please help.
Linton Herbert MD

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