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For me a quintessential iconic image is a painting by Goya.  It is a fair depiction of what I see Western civilization doing.
Downloaded November 3, 2013
We are ignoring an easily understood law of nature (and if you don’t understand me please go to the summary I posted last December and study it) with the result that we are mindlessly sterilizing our own children.  Unchecked this will destroy us.  Actually we are worse than Saturn.  As shown here he is eating one of his children.  The fates have decreed that one of them will destroy him, so the old boy does have a plan.  He has recognized a threat and is taking action, however harsh.  When the Teutonic people adopted the week they put in the names of their own gods replacing the classical names.  But they kept Saturn.  I guess they kind of liked him. 

So skip forward to the present.  Here is a picture of Kathleen Sebelius.  Her job was to get a website up and running so people could sign up for government run health insurance and Saturn again.

ECONOMIST vol. 409 no. 8860 November 2, 2013  page 30 copied November 3, 2013. 

I find it amazing.  The shoulders are right.  The left hand is right.  The eyes are right.  The hair is right. The eyebrows are right.  The cheeks are right.  The forehead is right.  The cervical lordosis is right.  The mouth is at least open in both pictures.  The colors are similar.  How many snapshots did they have to flip through to find this one?  Or is that the way people look when they are doing something they don’t feel really good about.

So she didn’t get her website in order when she wanted to.  Big deal.  Here I am trying to accomplish something much easier: present a simple point clearly enough so an average person of good will and intelligence will point it out to more than one other person of good will and intelligence.  I am under no time pressure.  I can’t do it either.  At least I get lots of chances.

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