Anger within:
I’m short of time these days, but something get me distracted.  I think that he Economist (Economist, April 23-29, vol. 419, no. 8986) made an observation I had missed… only I can’t find it.

What we have this election year is not just Bellaire Donald Trump messing up people’s expectations and most of the effort of the year being directed toward blocking his bid to become president.  We have a woman, Hillary Clinton, who is old school, pragmatic and pro free-trade, the one thing the Economist cares about.  But like everybody else, they don’t seem to like her much.  Then on the Democratic Republican side she is opposed by Bernie Sanders, a socialist popular with the young, and on the Republican side by Trump, a “populist,” which is code for a racist, which he’s not, but literally means somebody who wants to do whatever the people want [far as I’m concerned, anybody who accepts government money for any other purpose needs to go to jail for treason] and Cruz, who seems to be an extreme conservative. 

I had long thought, “Trump has found a vein of anger in the US, and if he loses, that anger won’t go away.”  What I thought the Economist said, but can’t verify, is that all three serious opponents to Clinton have found anger among the people – and it’s not going away if (as seems most probable) Clinton wins.  The anger will come back better unified.  Hold your hats.

Even Clinton looks angry.

So it seems to me the country is a pressure cooker of rage.  I don’t feel it.  Most of my life I felt sadness.  That lasted until I saw the southern Mesopotamian data (that new years summary you can easily find puts it into perspective).  I have never felt sad since; I am just doing the task at hand.  But I think my sadness and everybody else’s rage are both due to the fact that as the babies go away, everything anybody ever loved is going away.  We have abandoned our traditions and extended families, the things selection has crafted us to love, and wonder what went wrong.  Well we were stupid; that’s what.  And now the babies are going away it makes things worse with plenty worse to come beyond that. 

So when I talk to people, I fail to make contact either with rage or grief; I get fear.  They shut the idea out.  That’s kind of useless, you know. 

There have been 74 visitors over the past month, including a dozen faithful (Hi, guys.  Any of you who aren’t robots?  Drop me a line at and cheer an old warrior up.), and 235 people have looked at “Babies Triumph over Evil” on YouTube.  I can understand that one.  I do the narration and I have my voice in it.  It drips of bitterness.  Now if I just had a woman to help me with this … or maybe an adolescent girl … but I’d hate to darken her day by getting her to think of such things.  This is grownup stuff.  Maybe I need to do an essay on growing up.

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