Fiction.  NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.Linton Herbert


One of the difficulties in presenting the phenomenon of reduced fertility among couples who are not closely enough related is that it is so abstract.It can only be understood through charts, graphs, tables and careful description.Most major issues in our society have some visual icon.The face of some hero may represent some social cause.War, disease and starvation produce victims who can be photographed so that we can understand the problem.We can relate to it emotionally.


With infertility, there is no visual image.There is no graphic quick fix.You canít take a picture of a person who is not there, never was there and in fact never could have been there.For now at least, genetic mismatch is a purely mental thing, easily ignored.


There is one exception.When Rh incompatibility strikes, there is a real baby which may be damaged or may die.Unlike lack of kinship of parents, the issue of Rh incompatibility is relatively well understood.However I am presenting here a story about it.Ultimately, there is not that much difference between the two kinds of mismatch.Both of them destroy babies or potential babies.I am giving you this story to demonstrate the problem.To let you see it in action.


This is not a lesson in medicine.If you want to know about medicine, consult a standard text book.This is to show you the drama that is now occurring silently and invisibly throughout the world.This is what goads me on.


This is not a nice story.It is not suitable for children.


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