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I ran across a mention that presidential hopeful Santorum had mentioned that America will need more babies to avoid a European style demographic winter.  I tried to find a way to get a message to him and was unsuccessful, but I did find that he had been endorsed by Abby Johnson, and this was important enough to be news worthy.  So I found her web site, and it appeared that one was permitted to post things.  There was a blog relating to her support of Mr. Santorum (, so I tried to post this:

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Rick Santorum has gone beyond opposing abortion and now proposes we raise our birth rate to avoid a European style demographic winter.  I trust that there is nobody out there who denies that a woman who wants a baby should have a chance at it.  You know we used to have lots of babies and now we don't.  Same in Europe.  When things get worse, the first thing to do is ask, "What are we doing differently?"  Brace yourself.  We used to marry cousins.  Now we don't any longer.  That in itself proves nothing, but it sure means you want to look closely at any possible connection.  I've done so and my work is posted on my own blog,  (Yes, that's a scare title. It looks like that's where we are going.) My most recent summary is the "Orlando meeting" post on November 4, 2011.   

The upshot is that, yes, if you want normal fertility you need to marry cousins.  (Third or fourth being about the best choice from the evidence at hand.) 

This is important from a numerical standpoint.  Moral concerns aside, there are not enough abortions to make much difference in the live birth rate.  But there are certainly an enormous number of marriages that do NOT involve cousins.  Moral concerns aside, that is nothing more nor less than achieving the same purpose by other means.  Only this time the effect is overwhelming. 

Now consider the moral side.  This is not something that can be avoided. 

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Either my touch on the keyboard was off or the note was not accepted.  This would be understandable, since her blog concerns her issues not mine, but maybe she read it.

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