A book launch:
I just got this from Africa.  I’ll just paste in their message here:

Dear Members
The Society is proud to announce the publication of a new book, entitled Insects of Cultivated Plants and Natural Pastures in Southern Africa. Written by 39 of our colleagues, this 800 page book is the most comprehensive account of the phytophagous insects in southern Africa published to date.
The production of the book has been a non-commercial venture and, in line with the Society’s aims, the proceeds from sales will be used to promote other worthy entomological causes. Please find attached a brochure and order form providing further details about the book. This book will be useful for both teaching and research.
I would be most grateful if you could assist the Society in its latest venture, not only by purchasing the book but also with the marketing of the book. Please distribute the brochure to any of your colleagues or organizations that you feel may be interested in obtaining a copy. All help in making sure that the announcement of the Society’s latest venture reaches the widest possible readership will be appreciated. The Society is counting on your support.
Thank you and kind regards
Professor Frances Duncan 
President: Entomological Society of Southern Africa

Their brochure was attached:

brochure for book on insects

The resolution is a lot better before being saved by me so I’m sure they’ll have a better looking one soon.  When it comes I’ll post it. 

This is being posted early so I’m dating it as November 7.

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