Boots not wanted:
Politics is not the point of this blog, but I suppose I might be forgiven for regarding ISIS, ISIL, IS or whatever they’re calling themselves today with utter loathing for things they have done.  That’s their intention, of course. 

And something struck me.  President Obama promised early on there would be no American soldiers fighting them on the ground.  Instead it is all to be done by aircraft.  Now I don’t mind not deploying soldiers.  But why in the world would he not keep the threat of soldiers alive?  It seemed utterly incredible.  On top of that, the air strikes are few and limited.  They are not yet a threat to the survival of the bad guys.

Then it struck me.  If there are soldiers on the ground, the enemy has somebody to surrender to.  If you want simply to punish them, don’t give them the option, just bleed them slowly for a couple of years.  That maximizes punishment.  Eventually their organization will collapse from the losses and they will take to fighting each other.  If that never happens then when their local enemies see them helpless nasty things will happen to them. 

It’s not the nicest thought, but this time around I am willing to be patient.

On the other hand, I don’t see much daylight out there.  All we are going to do is build up more and more hatred against us.  (Did you ever notice that somebody out there hates us?)  Moving slow won’t help; it will just drag things out and maybe something good will happen and change the whole complexion of things.

Of course that’s what I’m working on.  If we were to recognize that marrying kin is the only way for the population to survive, and populations that have taken that approach, even if they have no understanding of why and have no concept that fertility is involved at all, might hate us a bit less, not to mention hating each other less.

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