Bush canoodling: (off topic)
A friend told me that a video shows then President George W. Bush doing a sword dance with a Saudi prince and that Obama was visible in the background watching.  A brief search showed no such thing.  The video I found did show him shuffling around with suitable embarrassment holding a sword, with which he was being properly careful. 

However there was a picture https://www.google.com/#q=picture+of+bush+kissing+saudi+king downloaded May 26, 2015

of him kissing the then king of Saudi Arabia.  He is doing it with, let us be honest, good form and enough evident pleasure (if you trust  politicians) to make me wonder whether same sex marriage is indeed a Republican plot.

In the same series is a picture

with what looks like an African American woman in the background.  If not Michelle it could easily be a family member.  There are those who say it’s Condeezza Rice, Secretary of State, but who knows whom to believe these days? 

So what does it mean if Obama and Bush are on such good, not to say intimate, terms?  Well it means that you should not have expected much change when the presidential torch was passed.  And indeed Bush’s plan for Iraq, disastrous as it has proven, was for a multi-ethnic secular society.  Obama, too, is trying to turn ISIS and her victims into a multi-ethnic society.  This policy goes back about a century to when the Ottoman Empire was broken up by the west and, I am told, they deliberately split up the countries to include lots of ethnic diversity so that none could ever become a power proportionate to its size and the evident ability and dedication of its population.  Of course the place needs to be properly partitioned. 

Similarly, I’ll bet you thought the Republicans were the party of big business and the Democrats the party of big government.  Yet, if I understand what I read and if the writers understand the plans, the Pacific Rim treaty will bind a bunch of countries, including us, into an organization that will specify not only that goods and services move freely but that transfers power from governments to businesses.  If, for instance, a foreign owned factory does not have the pay scale, safety regulations and anti pollution policies of the country where it is working, then any complaint goes not to the governments involved but to a committee made up of the businesses of the various countries.  Understandably the Democrats have balked.

All of which means one of two things.  Either our government is a total sham controlled by unseen … I think “illuminati” is the word.  Or else our government functions so excellently that either party despite fierce contests of power, wants only exactly what the people – arrogant, self-destructive, greedy and so forth – want.  You pay your money (lots of it) and you take your choice.

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