Chance of successful IVF:
I see (Will IVF Work for you? SCIENCE vol. 329. no. 5990 July 23, 2010 page 379) that a study has been done to see whether IVF is likely to work.  IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is the direct injection of sperm into ova.  It works about half the time.  Since it is invasive and expensive, it obviously would be good to know ahead of time how likely it is to work in an individual case.  The study concentrated on the chance of success on a second try after a first failure to achieve pregnancy.  They considered 20 factors, including age, number of previous pregnancies and sperm count and some factors that had been learned on the first try.

The review did not say whether kinship was one of the factors considered, and I have not been able to find the original article.  I suspect that it has not been posted on the open internet yet.

So I shall write Dr. Yao and ask her.  Of course the study is now over, so it is a bit late.  But if they can recover data on kinship, it should be a good thing for everybody.

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