Child care in Germany:
According to the ECONOMIST, there is a debate going on in Germany about how to take care of the children (Fighting over the Kinder ECONOMIST vol. 408 no. 8849 August 17, 2013 page 45) Some say that once a child is a year old the state should provide a place in a day care center so the mother can go back to work.  The others say just give the parents the money and let them decide.  This would be in addition to a large number (they say 156) things parents are entitled to already, not to mention tax breaks.  Scandinavians and east Germans tend to lean more toward day care than western Germany.  There are fewer day care centers per capita in Germany than in the Netherlands or Denmark.  This, the journal says cheerfully, may be why Germany has a birth rate of only 1.36 per woman.  Sure it does.  Really.  Gadzooks.  Do you think my fruit flies limit family size because of a lack of day care centers?

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