Cosmopolitan article on kinky sex:
I noticed on a newsstand that cosmopolitan had found that a large number of women are interested in kinky sex.  (Time to Play Dirty Bethany Heitman COSMOPOLITAN April 2011 page 130)  The text said more than 60% (and one of the teaser titles said 64%) of women responding to a survey by the magazine said that yes, they would like to have “kinky” sex.  Even allowing for a generous amount of distortion of the number by the fact that women who liked the idea might be more likely to participate and the fact that they did not say how many responded (if only 1% of those questioned did indeed answer, the result is far less impressive than if 99% answered) that is a lot of women.  And this was women who were interested in kinky sex and who had never participated in it.  Presumably some women have lived out their fantasies in this respect. 

I was amazed.

Here I stand up to my nose in article saying that birth rates are falling, people are less interested in sex and even that people are not as developed sexually as they have been in the past and I see an article that suggests maybe 2 out of 3 not only want sex but want to step up the intensity.

So I bought the magazine thinking I might have run across a rare counter example to what I am saying.

That proved not to be the case.  In this case, “kinky” meant using handcuffs and blindfolds.  So it appears that some women are saying, “Sex is all right, but I’d rather you were hogtied and blindfolded.  Keep your hands off me and don’t stare,” while others are saying, “Sex is all right, but I’d rather be hogtied and blindfolded first.  I don’t want to see anything.  I don’t want to touch anything …”  

So it does not appear that there is an avalanche of new interest in sex.  Oh, well.  I assure you that I’d really like to be proven wrong on this whole issue.  I’m nostalgic for the days when I didn’t think the world was dying.

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