The Dance of the Chromosomes:
There is a saying, “There is no problem finding the ladder, for there are many. The difficulty is in deciding to climb it.”

Similarly there are many ways to approach the idea of there being an inherent limit to random mating pool sizes that is far tighter than any environmental limitation.  One way is the argument from chromosomes.  A couple or three years ago some indulgent friends illustrated the idea with a dance.  Another friend caught it on his cell phone, and I posted it.  It has been on Youtube for about a thousand days, during which time it has been seen 240 times.  That is not exactly viral spread. 

Anyway, I thought you might like to know about it.  You can go to Youtube and find The Dance of the Chromosomes.  Be sure you get the title right; there are some rather more mainstream clips with similar names.

Or maybe this link will work:

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