Economist and Merkel:
There once was a joke going around that the chancellor of Germany arrived at the Athens airport.  An official asked her, “Name?”  “Angela Merkel.”  “Occupation?”  “No, just here for a visit.  That was back when the Greeks were having more than their usual financial difficulties and Germany was being rather unhelpful.  Things are now a lot worse; refugees are pouring in from war torn Syria, and Greece can not handle them all.  This time Germany has thrown wide the doors; people cheered and handed out flowers and candy to the first arrivals.  That did not last.

If the Economist hates Trump, they love Angela.  (Merkel the Bold Economist vol. 416 no. 8954 September 5, 2015 page 16)  Gosh, somebody tossing aside border controls?  Who could ask for more?  Of course the same logic that holds for Hispanics – you’re killing their children – is just as true and just as unrecognized for people from the Middle East. 

One can only wish that the Mideasterners had a home to go back to anything like as nice as Mexico, for all its problems.  Maybe if they were to partition the place, so that every enclave had its own border and the authority to protect it, things would be better.  In fact I’m sure they would.  That lack of babies thing: I think it makes people go crazy or the same thing that causes the lack of babies causes crazed behavior.  When Calhoun did his study of caged mice and found that when the population reached a high enough level for long enough, not only did the babies stop but the males had two kinds of reaction.  Most fought all the time.  They weren’t fighting over the females; when Calhoun pulled a few males out and put them with fertile females, the males had no interest.  A few of the males did not fight.  They withdrew and groomed themselves.  Does it sound like a world you know?

There have been 101 visitors over the past month and YouTube has run “Babies Triumph over Evil” 179 times. 

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