Economist and Trump:
The Economist hates Donald Trump. (Trump’s America Economist vol. 416 no. 8954 September 5, 2015 page 15) I don’t know whether they hate him as much as they do Assad.  They make no suggestion that would lead to him being abused, torn apart by an angry crowd and the pieces paraded through the streets.  On the other hand he is a far greater danger to what they hold dear, which is free and unrestricted flow of people, information, services and goods anywhere and any time.  He could take America in another direction.

What they find odious is the proposal to build a wall, an actual physical barrier, to prevent illegal movement of people into the US.  Well that’s certainly not something they like.  I’d think rule of law would be high on the list of values of any serious commentator, but apparently they feel that if they do not like a law it should be broken. 

Sure, think I with tongue in cheek, show us a place where there is free movement of people.  That would mean no prisons at all, eh?  Okay.  They made no great fuss about the episodes in Rotherham and elsewhere in England where Pakistani men were molesting local non-Pakistani children.  They mentioned it once and once only when a few of the Pakistanis (and none of the public servants who were supposed to be protecting the children but instead protected the other criminals) were sentenced to rather brief spells in jail.  Well if you’re going to free those monsters, I don’t much care about the occasional murderer or tax evader. 

I suppose it was much to everyone’s surprise that Hispanics, the wall building notion, in one survey rather liked Trump.  And now (somehow this didn’t make it into the article I cite) actually more are leaving than arriving from Mexico.  It does leave me with a sense of unreality, which is a vast improvement on the sense I get from the mass murders we see done by ISIS and their ilk. 

Of course, the biggest losers are the Mexicans or whoever who make their way here to stay.  They are separated from their ancestral villages, and that over a very few generations is a genocide sentence.  Everybody knows it, or should.  I’ve told you about the Los Angeles County health department being set up by Dr. Fielding, a man of honesty, brilliance and incredible energy.  I trust what he did over any other source of statistics.  The birth rate among Hispanics in the county is just at the replacement level and dropping like a stone.  We did them no favor bringing them in. 

By and large they are pleasant and industrious people, these immigrants from the south.  That’s all the more reason not to kill them off. 

I know not what to expect.  Maybe the last Mexicans to leave will be the ones who will have jobs building the wall.

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