Epigenetics always more complex than you think:
I’m getting in a bit over my head here, but there is (Tatiana V. Michaniana et al. An Unprecedented Mechanism of Nucleotide Methylation in Organisms Containing thyX Science vol. 351 no. 6272 January 29, 2016 page 507) a newly discovered mechanism.  It appears to involve the synthesis of one of the DNA bases, rather than the methylation of a base already in place.  Since the target thyX is not found in humans, this is an attractive place to look for new drug therapies.  It does involve folate, which is also involved with the better known in situ methylation, but the new process is not epigenetic in itself.  It just shares some chemicals.

So if I ever say I know exactly what is going on, take it with the usual measure of salt.

There have been 168 visitors over the past month and falling; YouTube has played Babies Triumph over Evil blank times.  I’ve spent, not to say wasted, a bit of time looking at other YouTube offerings.  Many are preposterous, and it seems few, including the preposterous ones, have much new to say; few refer you directly to accepted authorities.  Yet they bring in the viewers by the thousands.  Hmm.  Again I fail to understand what’s up.

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