Facebook: Babies, Cousins and Kin
In an attempt to keep up with the times I’m trying something new.  I have a sort of a chat room available, but that’s so last week.  The trendy thing is now “social networks.” 

Facebook is the most popular among my friends, so I have gone with that.  And now I have opened a “Page.”  That is a place where you can put things and people can look at them.  Of course this web site does that just fine.  But on a “page” people can comment in real time and get into discussions with each other.  That would have been possible with the chat room, of course, but I was going to monitor everything since I felt responsible.  I’ll be checking on the page as well, of course, but only after the fact.

The name of the page is Babies, Cousins and Kin.  Maybe that will seem less forbidding than the name of the web site.  This will be the logo, some houses at dawn:

So feel free to bring it up and make comments.  I am a novice with this kind of thing, so do be patient.  If I don’t seem to be responding, there is still info@nobabies.net where you can be sure it will come to me, although there may be a delay. 

There have been 18,466 visitors so far.

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