Dreams are a lot like the rest of life: totally weird, seem important at the time, soon forgotten and nobody wants to hear about them.  I dream a lot of course.  I have to work through a lot of abstract issues and the brain responds with caricatures of them in sleep.   

But I did have one the other day.  I was napping and upon being awakened I remembered it; else it surely would have been gone forever. 

In my dream I was chatting with a woman who exists in real life and whom I have known since she was a child.  Her wraith said, “You’ll know you are famous when people stop talking about your accomplishments and start talking about their reactions.”

In rational reflection, that sounds like a lot of “sayings.”  It doesn’t really say anything, comes without evidence and sounds like it just might be profound. 

Of course personally I have no accomplishments that have conjured up any debate, and I much doubt I ever do.  But perhaps it will be fun applying it to really famous people and seeing if it works.

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