Famous people marrying cousins:
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The famous people mentioned who married their cousins include Jesse James, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Johan Sebastian Back, H. G. Wells, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Edgar Allen Poe, Jerry Lee Lewis and Rudi Giuliani. 

You may not think highly of all of them, but surely there is somebody in there you like.  There was a big flurry of commentary on the web site.  The commentators were, by and large, rather shocked.  Words like “Disgusting” and “freaky” showed up.  Nobody said, “A lot of these are bright, well intentioned people.  The kind of person I’d like to be.  So I guess it’s all right then,” either.   

So I’ll say it.

I guess it’s all right then.

Watching the Harry Potter movies I used to think Professor Snape was somebody I knew.  Then there was a movie where Harry said something was unfair, and Snape said, “Life is unfair.”  All at once I knew which friend Snape reminded me of.  It was one of his favorite lines.

So good.  This makes sense.  Life depends on marrying cousins, not necessarily a close as first but for sure closer than tenth.  So life depends on marrying cousins.  Marrying cousins is disgusting to a lot of people.  So life is disgusting.  Snape was right. 

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