Florida Man 11:

Florida Man fights to save the babies.  “A safety razor really is safer than a good old straight razor, but it makes a lousy weapon.  And you can still nick yourself.”

Some rogue has just put up a few earlier adventures at http://www.nobabies.net/Florida%20man%2010.html




Florida Man fights to save the babies.  “You can throw a battleaxe straight and level or high so it strikes from above; that makes it effective against a battle line in a way a stone or arrow is not.  The Frankish battleaxe is designed to hit the ground and rebound, striking from below.  That was how the Franks won at the Battle of Tours in 732 and the only reason Europe is not yet Islamic.  They’ve forgotten where Tours was, but they remember the battleaxe.  So watch closely.” 




Florida Man takes it easy, one mighty arm around his favorite beer, Florida Man of course, and a miscellaneous baby.  FM thus can guard both and b’s and catch a nap, too.  But who will protect them from each other?  Besides, there’s one other problem …




I was afraid of that.  At least he saved the baby.  Don’t forget to check nobabies.net from time to time. 


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