They’re onto us:
There is a delightful article (Man Bites Dog, Repeatedly ECONOMIST vol. 409 no. 8860 November 2, 2013  page 32 and they may have got the idea from elsewhere) that takes as it’s cue the idea that every time the words Florida Man appear in a headline they are referring to the same super hero.  Well in that case he certainly does get around.  The article refers to a number of “his” exploits.  For instance there was a time when Florida Man was attempting to shoot a snake and instead hit a friend who happened to be urinating at the time. 

Since I am a Florida man myself, I have every right in this pusillanimous age to claim to be offended by the article.  Only I think it’s really funny.  They wind up saying words more or less to the effect that everybody hereabouts is stupid and abnormal.  Try that one on your friends. 

Well they did a study somewhere and sure enough Florida generates more strange headlines than any other state.  Sure there are a lot of us here.  But California, Texas, New York, Illinois – do we really have more strange activities than they?  Evidently it is so.

But this all goes without my favorite recent Florida story.  Florida Man was arrested a few months ago for having carnal knowledge of an animal, a cow I think it was.  He claimed it was his constitutional right: sex between consenting adults. 

So if what I am doing seems a bit odd, it isn’t my fault.  It’s in the air.

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