Florida Maquis:
Now for thirty years or so, my constant conscious effort has been to understand and then teach the world about the dangers of not marrying cousins.  But my will power is inconstant, and sometimes I do things just for fun.  Among such things is looking at things on YouTube.  Maybe it is an exercise in lateral thinking, but mostly it is just a marking of time.
My favorite YouTube provider of all takes the name Florida Maquis.  I first encountered the site when there had been a couple of collisions in, I think, the South China Sea, involving US destroyers.  It was big news at the time, but it seems to have vanished from public concern.  Florida Maquis examined the official stories and found them wanting.  I read enough to decide I was being expected to be smarter than I actually am, which I find a good feel.  But Maquis really won my heart years ago with the suggestion that subverting the government in Venezuela was bad thing to do.
Recently, the site described a clearing in the Amazon jungle  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6y5bleNDcI that is just the size of the Pentagon in DC.  He went on to find a number of other pentagons and things aligned with pentagons.  I eventually admitted to myself that it could not be happenstance.  Somebody has spent a lot of treasure, planning and effort to create a network that makes no sense at all to me. 
An early thought on my part was that the whole thing was set up as a distraction, a stalking horse as it were.  So the challenge was to figure out what was really being concealed, but I got nowhere. 
The site has been very popular.  In fact, I wanted to meet the creator.  Perhaps I could get him eventually to take an interest in my own obsession; early on I thought he lived near me, but this turns out not to be so. 
Eventually he said, “If you find something, don’t just send me coordinates.  Post it yourself.”  I thought this sounded like safety in numbers, but thought it unnecessary since I thought we were looking at a stalking horse.   But then rather abruptly he stopped chasing pendragons and took an interest in things that to my eye were far less compelling. 
I thought.  “They got to you.  That means it’s real.”
But I had nothing to offer beyond my good will.  That is until recently, when I was toying with his work and found this:

The coordinates of the pin are 27o 48’ 35.26” N and 82o 46’ 24.98” W.  It sits in the middle of a pentagon that is about 3,000 feet from the line between the Washington Pentagon and a place of interest in Antarctica.  That much distance is not nearly as tight as the usual alignments Florida Marquis finds, but for my work it seems pretty good. 
The site, as you see, is next a large cemetery.  This is on the grounds of the Bay Pines VA hospital in Pinellas County, Florida.  The bulk of the pentagons and other places of interest he describes are either in remote places like Antarctica or are guarded by the military, such as Area 51 near Roswell, New Mexico.  But a cemetery is open to the public.  This one you can visit and soak up whatever energies you can find there. 
As I mentioned, I am very much a fan of Florida Marquis, even though his interests are far from my own.  Maybe he’ll find this interesting.
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