Vogt ice age:
This is just for fun. 
From time to time I think about the possibility of a returning ice age.  This depends on the truism that it’s always hottest just before it starts to cool off in parallel with it’s always darkest just before the dawn, which of course is not exactly true given the phases of the moon.  I’m not terribly worried, but I’d be rather less worried if somebody else raised the issue.  I got my wish in the form of a book, God’s Day of Judgement by Douglas Vogt.  He certainly does predict an ice age, although his timing (October, 2042) and mechanism (what strikes me as bizarre behavior of the sun) are different from mine (some summer soon and melting arctic sea ice) and his onset is abrupt and global while I would expect ice sheets to appear abruptly many miles across and up to thousands of feet deep at about one per year.  I didn’t find much to agree with in the book, but it was clear that he brought passion to the subject and did an enormous amount of work, and I respect that. 
Let us set the stage with something I am assured by a good witness happened.  During Gulf War 2, Saddam Hussein was quoted on CNN, as asking, “Well, Mr. Bush.  Did you find what the devil promised you in the desert?”  The quote was gone within minutes and no search of archives has recovered it as far as I know.  So somebody seems to have been sufficiently worried about Hussein referring to something like a star gate to scrub the record meticulously.  Of course, star gates do not exist – neither did the “weapons of mass destruction.”  Taking the quote seriously, oil was just another layer of cover.  Bush really believed in that star gate.  Hussein would know, I expect. 
In the Vogt book, it is suggested that on the “real Mount Sinai,” or in it if you prefer, there is a cave in which ancient Hebrews hid away a number of treasures that had been given them by a civilization a million years more advanced than ours.  These included the rod of Moses, which could do such things as turn into a snake.  What the Egyptians priests were doing with rods that could also turn into snakes does not come up for mention.  Also included were the Arc of the Covenant, the tabernacle, a table for burning incense and so forth. 
I shall digress – don’t forget this is just for fun – and refer to the books Lord of the Rings.  If you’ve not read it, I suggest you do.  Tolkien is a lot more entertaining than I.  On the other hand it would be a lot quicker to go to http://nobabies.net/YouTube%20links.html and look at 32 movies and follow their scripts on http://nobabies.net/movie%20scripts.html   and learn something important.
At all events in the Tolkien books there are objects called Palantirs.   They are magical crystal balls about the size of a volleyball.  Sometimes you could look into one and see and speak with someone looking into another.  Compared with a modern cell phone, the Palantir is not secure, has few channels, cannot text, take pictures, make movies, prowl the internet nor fit in your pocket. 
If you set up the treasures in the cave, you can have God speak to you, but there is only one connection, which is one way, it takes a crew to carry it around, it is not safe, it takes a crew to set it up for operation along with resources like spices and a sacrificial animal and the air is not clear when it is working.  For a million years of progress, it seems rather unhandy. 
Vogt suggests that the final war that will kill almost all of us will be fought by super powers greedy to get to the treasures in the cave.  So I thought it would be fun to find the “real Mount Sinai” where the cave ought to be.  The mountain is said to be the smallest mountain possible. 
A possible place to start would be the tourist attraction Mount Sinai in Egypt. 

Coordinates are: 28o 32’ 22.95” N and 33o 58’ 29.58 E.

When I was flying back from India with my mother many years ago, the pilot directed us to look out the left side of the airplane and told us it was Mount Sinai, which seemed odd since it was obviously in Saudi Arabia.  It was in a range called the Hejaz Mountains. 
The highest point was at 26o 58’ 22.59” N and 37o 36’ 22.19” E. 
So if we go from tourist Mount Sinai to Saudi Mount Sinai and continue in the same direction for the same distance, we arrive at 13o 20’ 50.78” N and 52o 17’ 10.6” E.  This is under water on the West Sheba Ridge in the Gulf of Aden.  Of course, sea level was lower 10,000 years ago, which would make it just about right.

Well now you know. 😊
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