Florida Man 2:

Florida Man fights to save the babies.  “What part of don’t climb on the shelves did you not understand?



Florida Man is obedient.  On her deathbed Florida Man’s mother said, “Florida boy, in this life there is something very important you must do.  You’ll know it when you find it.  Until then do not marry or make any other commitment you cannot walk away from.



Florida Man has nerves of steel.  “Go ahead, Florida Man.  You can do it.”  “No.  That’s not a good idea.”



Sometimes the battle comes down to a test of nerves and will. “Get away from that target.”   “No.” 



You don’t win every battle.  “See?”  “I still say it was a bad idea.”



Florida Man always respects the adversary.  “I don’t understand.  He wasn’t that good.”  Don’t worry.  That’s only red wax; never trust the guy.



That's it for now. Next posting will be Tuesday and I have a splendid (and on topic) thing to announce then.


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