Genetic screening of kin:
While I was at the Orlando conference I took occasion to look at the commercial booths.  One in particular caught my eye and we chatted a bit.  The booth was run by Ambry Genetics, 100 Columbia #200, Also Viejo, CA 92656  phone 949 900 5500  What they had on offer was a screening test for medially significant genetic variants. 

I inquired about the cost and was told informally that it was about $450 for the test or $900 for a couple.  In these days of few babies it would not seem a bad idea for a couple to make the investment kin or no.  I think there were 80 genes they screened for.

I asked whether cousins using such screening could reduce their risk of inherited bad genes to below that of unrelated and unscreened couples.  They said that was not a realistic goal since new abnormal genes were being discovered all the time.

We did not mention it, but as I mentioned on the posting done October 11, 2011 at least in the plant study described it appears that inbreeding depression is not a genetic phenomenon anyway; it is epigenetic.  So no amount of screening genes would make it go away altogether. 

I invited them to send me a nice graphic I could post here, figuring exposure would not be bad for them, but I have not heard back. 

Slowly but slowly the tools and understanding that should make this a new and better world emerge.

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