Healthy mothers of twins:
Every now and then a twinkle of starlight among the clouds.  There is a report (Thrice Blessed ECONOMIST vol. 399 no. 8733 May 14, 2011 page 99) that according to a Utah study mothers of twins had on average more babies than mothers without twins, and not just one more.  Also more of the children of those mothers survived to maturity and the mothers of twins lived longer than their age mates. 

This is all very nice although it is by no means clear what having twins has to do with the fertility related to consanguinity. 

What strikes me as more important is the tone of the article.  It is quite sweet tempered.  It implies that babies are a good thing in general and maybe twins are more than twice as good. 

That tone I pick up quite rarely nowadays.  Maybe this is a harbinger of a change in attitude.  Maybe there is hope.

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