High perversity:
All right.  It’s a pun.  Think about differences.  The universe is everything considered as one.  The “multiverse” is a theoretical universe multiple (generally an enormous number of) units.  So “verse” doesn’t just mean poetry.  It means a ply or fold.  It means a level of structure.

If two things are “diverse,” then it must mean that they are different: and that there are two of them.  When enthusiasts laud “ethnic diversity,” they generally don’t mean just two ethnic groups; they mean a number of them – not quite as many as the parts of a multiverse, but an enormous number.  Therefore “diversity” so used is a serious misnomer.  A far better choice is available: “multiversity.”  And there is such a word.  It means a university that is made of multiple units in parallel with a multiverse.  But logically speaking the phrase should be “ethnic multiversity.”  Anything else is sloppy word use based upon – let me scream this one – SLOPPY THINKING. 

Now ethnic multiversity is – as I have pointed out in the past – a tremendously powerful social force.  As I have also pointed out, any thing of enormous power, be it a locomotive or a nuclear reactor or a power station of any sort, must be treated with respect.  In particular, the most scrupulous care must be taken to assure that it is capable of operating safely and continuing so to do.  So here is what the social planners have done to check out the safety of ethnic multiversity.


Not one blessed word has been written, not one study done I have ever encountered justifying an assumption that ethnic multiversity is safe.  A casual glance at where people are blowing each other up – not to mention blowing themselves up – suggests that it is exceedingly dangerous.

That is just considering the social aspect of the question.  The biological aspect, genetic multiversity, as a possible name for what I have been studying so long.  And it is also terribly dangerous.  If you have more than just a little it is as deadly as any explosive, far more so in fact. 

But genetic isn’t exactly the word.  The mechanism is probably epigenetic, but even that is only theory.  So one must consider “ancestral multiversity” as a term that defines the facts without prejudice about the immediate cause. 

And what should we call too much ancestral multiversity.  There is a term for that.  It’s “hyper.”  So the best term for what we are looking at in the world today should be “ancestral hyperversity.”  That leads to the nifty pun on “high perversity” with which I entitle this piece.  It also panders to the general prejudice “in the old days people were stupid,” which I find dominant … and which I find to be pretty much the case here.  They created hyperversity in ignorance and we, even after the coming tragedy is obvious, cling to it out of some evil spirit that I cannot fathom.

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