Hold off on those suicides:
When I wrote Michio Kaku I mentioned that I think I know why certain people value their extremism above life itself.  But that doesn’t really close the issue of suicide.  There are three other considerations.

First there’s I.  No way.  I’m much to cheerful to consider it.  There’s too much to be done.  I’m not young enough to feel much anguish and I just don’t see my interest in doing things not outliving my ability to do things, including myself in.  So, without suggesting that there is any remote possibility of it, if I suddenly die under sticky circumstance, you can just assume foul play.  The fact that I have no enemies is not quite so secure in my mind as the fact that I am not my own enemy.  (There’s a cute little story in that; maybe I’ll tell it some day.)

The second consideration is that we of the rich world are committing suicide with our mating strategy.  I think that’s true.  It’s serious.  I’m doing everything I can.

The third consideration is one that gives me the cold cobbles.  All those hundreds of millions of people who have not married the nearest kin they could, what will there reaction be to what they have done to themselves, those they have loved, their children and their children’s children?  Will they lose their self esteem?  Shudder and quake.

So listen up.  Get a grip.  If you don’t care, then I don’t need you any more than anybody else does, but at least you aren’t a suicide case.  If you do care, forebear.   We need you.  We really need you.  Put your heart into setting this right and I swear that within a couple of months it will be better.  Meanwhile make sure you have regular contact with somebody you like and trust.  And 911 is not that far away.

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