How far does it go?
For many years, although less frequently recently, the words would go through my mind, “Have you any idea how far this goes?”  Then I would answer to myself, “The survival of humanity is on the line; how much do you want?”

But going to my web site means going on the internet, and with news just a click away it’s hard to ignore, although scarcely germane to my topic.  So I have been horrified, as so many have, about the pointless pre-conceived brutality of some of our fellow humans.  There was a day recently when within 24 hours 1) A renowned news anchor, sort of a TV journalist, had died unexpectedly.  2) A renowned journalist had died unexpectedly … this in the context of repeated attacks on journalists by what I think of as criminals. 3) The US announced that being kicked out of Yemen, which harbors our iconic nemesis al Qaeda, came as a surprise to the US.  4) ISIS took command of much of a town in Iraq in such fashion as to threaten a US marine base?  What?  5) The president made clear that there were serious cyber security issues that the government alone did not seem to be able to handle.  Cyber and cine of course are ISIS specialties. 

That’s just one day.  And it doesn’t begin to make the slightest sense.  I see the early demise of the whole lot of them in a context where if there is a bad place down there it surely must be their destination.  What, other than their own biological and spiritual destruction, can they possibly accomplish? 

My only guess is that accomplishing anything is not their point.  The fact is that they must hate us. 

Well, yes, I have an explanation for that.  Fail to marry kin and you have reduced fertility.  Carry that out long enough (and there has been civilization in that part of the world for a very long time) and there is nothing left for you but hate.  In other words, encouraging tolerance blindly breeds intolerance.  Seems simple to me.  I keep saying I don’t have an agenda; I just want people to know what the results of what they do are going to be and then let them choose.  But it does come to mind that I feel like saying, “Stop that.”

So, war, terrorism and just about any form of hatred is part of my topic. 

Then as I pointed out elsewhere, the laws of nature seem fine tuned to make complex life possible; that’s been noticed and of course dismissed.  But I find it harder to dismiss the fact that there are just enough laws of nature to permit complex life.  There is no redundancy.  So when you say “complex life” you include all of physics and chemistry.  And complex life can only exist if my topic is allowed for.

Then there’s microbial life.  But microbes live in a world formed by the top of the food chain.  So that’s just about all life.  Ok.  There was a long time when there was life but no complex life.  If that is what you study, then you have no need of me.  Otherwise you simply must attend.

Global warming, assuming as we are told that it has been significantly effected or at least affected by humans, depends on demographics and technology, which cannot be understood without my topic.

There’s astronomy.  For time out of mind people have looked up and thought about there being personalities up there.  Once it was gods.  Since Giordano Bruno it has included other planets around other suns.

Somebody once found an ancient shoulder blade with little scratches on it.  It became evident that someone had been drawing the moon on successive nights, with a number of missing nights – no doubt it rained.  That person was looking up and wondering about the universe.  Even since then the universe has, in a sense, been self aware.  Reduce humans sufficiently and the universe is reduced to a chronic vegetative state; it goes insane.  And the search for intelligent life elsewhere (I certainly don’t pick up on it here) keeps coming up blank.  They don’t understand the topic either and cannot develop a recognizable technology. 

People do drugs.  I think it’s because they are unhappy because they are living a life nature never prepared us for, a life outside our own tight community.  History of course is a recurrent theme here.  And everything people do that animals do not do – art, clothing, cooking – gets drafted into dividing insiders from outsiders.  In other words this topic gets e v e r y w h e r e…except for those Precambrian algae mats.

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