How low can it go?
It might be proper to peer into the abyss.  Word is now out.  My part of Florida is the only normal part of the country.  At least it is the only place lacking a distinctive accent,
and that means this is where we are all headed.  Wherever America is going, this part of Florida will get there first.

You might ask what is wrong with that.  Well for starters, Florida is the only place where somebody has claimed that having sex with animals is his constitutional right.  And of course it is true.  In fact marrying an animal is his constitutional right.  Once you have decided, as we are in the process of deciding, that there is no connection between biology and sex and marriage, there is no logical reason to forbid it.  (Nay, we have already so decided, else there would be a typhoon of rhetoric spreading what I have said about fertility and kinship.)  The constitution is silent on the issue, and since the constitution specifically states that anything that is not covered is the right of the people and of the states the case is open and shut.  It would require a constitutional amendment to alter matters. 

There is the issue of consent.  But laws are already on the books forbidding cruelty to animals so that issue is moot. 

There will be warnings before it comes to you.  Florida will accept it first and the rest will follow so you can save up your pennies and buy a trip to Mars when that becomes available.  (Oh don’t think the rest of the world will escape.  Once America decides what is a human right the world will follow or suffer horrible consequences.) 

Then there is the matter of commercializing it.  No need to worry about human trafficking; animals are not humans. 

Coming soon to your neighborhood: the heavy petting zoo.

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