I guess he didn’t have a white woman:
First, you must understand that I do not think the word “race,” in the context of human populations has a meaning.  Race is not real.  Sure, there are cosmetic difference between certain populations, and diligent medical work has shown that cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, sarcoidosis, malignant hypertension with renal disease, thalassemia, certain storage diseases and a number of other conditions – not my field, not a definitive list – seem to distribute with self-identification with of race.  But where the rubber meets the road, race just isn’t there to be counted.  Anybody much acquainted with the subject of this web log, the relationship between kinship and fertility – has seen the numbers for the survival of civilizations in lower Mesopotamia.  Check out the 8th graph on


if you’ve forgotten.  If there were some privileged race that at any time over the past few thousand years were the incumbents in that region, it would appear as an outlying blip on that chart.  (The Ottoman Empire almost does, as is explained, and the 20th century is excluded because by then non-local events were running the world.)  There is no blip.  There is no privileged race.  Lots of people say it without evidence; here the evidence is above reproach.)

I don’t believe in race, and I don’t believe in Satan.  That one’s easier.  People do enough horrible things to each other so that there is no need to invoke anything supernatural.

So don’t tell me I can’t get into the mind of a Black man just because of the accident (actually it was quite deliberate, as such things go) of my birth.  And if I were a Black man looking at what I see in the science journals and the news I would be getting one and only one message.  If you are a black man and do not have a white woman as your significant other, you are a failure.   

That message is not subtle.  The pictures absolutely scream it: if you’re Black and have no white woman you are worthless.  This would get on my nerves.

In order to combat this assault on my self image I would have to assume that I knew better than the media and everybody they report on.  Presently, of course, that’s no problem.  It’s quite true.  At least I’m convinced it’s true.  But it is asking a lot of anybody else to think the same. 

Regard the numbers briefly and superficially.  There are more White people in the country than Blacks.  So there are enough white women to go around.  Besides that, a lot of the competition from other Black men is eliminated because so many are in prison.  What of the white women?  Typically a picture shows a Black man in a dominant position and a white woman swooning or by her body language showing some sort of submission to him, to her man.  And he’s a Real Man, because he is a Black man with a white woman.  So she could attract a Real Man.  I should think the feminists would be livid with the consistent presentation of woman whose self image depends on a man.  I should think those who want to encourage Blacks would be livid because of the consistent presentation of Blacks being dependent on whites for their self image.  The Black women?  They do complain that their prospects of a happy relationship are limited because of factors already named.  If you are a white man?  Unless you are very rich and flaunt it you are trash, and indeed white men do plenty of bad things.  But there is no visible reaction directed toward this malignant and incessant barrage of the media’s idea of a good match.  So just like similar punishment would drive anybody else insane, lacking the media mandated partner, lack of a white woman could drive a Black man insane.

And apparently it has done just that.  A man of monstrous intent went into a no-guns zone, a school in Oregon, and murdered a number of innocent people, evidently relishing his hideous power as he did so.  He left a note; the provenance might not stand up to the rigorous rules of evidence in a court, but most of us believe the note is genuine.   It says he did it because he couldn’t get a girlfriend.  Given the competition among Black women for the available Black men, that translates into not being able to get a white woman.

Sure there is a biological distinction between kin and essentially non-kin, but there is no important biological distinction between races.  We are driving men mad over nothing at all. 

Thanks, whoever is to blame.

And blame is important here.  Some blame the guns.  Some blame the no-gun zone itself.  You may think I’m going to blame the media, but hold.  Whatever is to blame, finding out what just to help us prevent or at least reduce this sort of thing in the future.  I am rather thinking, “Why didn’t he come to me?  I know enough Black women.  Maybe none of them is available, but I’m sure they all have friends.”  Similarly I think, “Why didn’t Robin Williams come to me.  I have friends who would love to have met him.”

So to the media.  Are they motivated by money or by some sort of agenda?  Neither idea works well because this is such a very old phenomenon.  One of the ancient towns in Crete was excavated, and they found a bit of a fresco showing a dark skinned young man and pale skinned young woman.  The archeologist, in reconstructing the place, had placed a series of the same couple all the way down the hall.  The result was that it looked like a procession and the whole hallway, or covered walk, became known as the “processional way.”  It appears that this is no longer the case.  He found one red column, which he replicated and had placed in several locations.  Well he did his best even though I think I have read that some doubt has been cast on his work.  Still, it seems pretty clear that women in that time and place were represented as white and men as darker.

My impression is that ancient Egyptian art, showed women as fairer than their accompanying men.  It’s not my field, again, but I did notice something once.  In the Louvre in Paris there were a number of sarcophagus lids placed near a wall.  There was room to step behind them.  When I did I saw that each of the lids had a life sized picture of a naked women placed where she would be lying on top of the deceased for all time, or at least for a long time.  The women were very pale.

Once in India a Brahman took me to a temple of Shiva, the god of destruction.  At the heart of the holy place was a “linga.”  It was a flat white stone carved more or less in the shape of a woman’s external genitalia, in the center of which was a phallic rock of black stone.

The notion of coupling with between dark men and fair women is very extensive in time and space.  Modern media did not invent it.

In terms of my own interest, I am tempted to say that these mixed couples were represented when the relevant civilization was at its peak, just before utter ruin, just like us.  But that does not fly.  The culture in India is very old.  On the other hand, on the linga, the feminine part was large and the phallic part not in proportion.  Had the proportion been approximately correct, then the phallus would have been as tall as a man.  In fact it was hardly over knee high.  In our culture, male development is not as great as it used to be.  Looking at the linga, that failure is extreme.  So I don’t know.

When my mother and I were touring Istanbul the guide told us that a small part of Europe had been captured by the Ottomans, and it was important to them because that was the only place they could get “blond” women for their harems.  I somehow doubt that’s in the academic literature, but I quite suspect she meant white rather than strictly blond. 

Part of the draw may be that Black men are more developed in their genitalia than white men.  Well I have no known Black ancestors for some tens of thousands of years, so as far as I’m concerned that’s preposterous.  I have never run into a man as highly developed as I.  Well maybe one.  A Jewish friend and I were taking our leaks.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw his spectacular equipment.  “Gosh, he’s even bigger than I am.” 

So from where comes this image, the Black man and white woman?  It’s clearly trans cultural.  It has to be something very far down in the human set of primordial expectations. 

So you are left with Satan as the destroyer.  And that’s not out of keeping with the recent horror in Oregon.  “Mix up that gene pool,” is so to speak a satanic war cry.  It has no real biological effect; maintaining “racial” distinctions does nobody any good.  It’s family that matters.  But with Satan screaming we should mix up the gene pool, it’s hard to remember that we need to preserve families.  That’s what matters. 

A prudent man would be scared. 

I am not.  I don’t believe in Satan.  But if Satan were to exist he could hardly be more effective at destroying us than by tempting us to stir up the gene pool on all scales. 

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