If I were to advise experts:
Suppose an expert were to ask my advice.  That seems laughable at present, but just suppose.  First I would encourage that expert to look at the evidence I have put together.  Next to look further for evidence.  That done, and assuming no evidence emerged seriously to challenge what now seems the inescapable truth, I would hedge around everything I said. I would say that whatever was done, careful records should be kept of how it was working out.  Then go on.

I would point out that there have been incentives ranging from tax breaks to outright cash to encourage people to have babies.  Such things have not worked, at least not for long.  Then I would point out that this is in effect trying to buy babies.  Governments can get away with things that ordinary people cannot do.  This could be one such.  Still it seems improper.  Suppose a child is born of a couple who accept a cash incentive.  The question will eventually come to his mind, “You just had me for the money, didn’t you?”  Children tending to do so, he (she) would ask it out loud.  This should lead to a tender scene of gushing assurances of affection and stability.  Still it would be a scene one might want to avoid.

On the other hand, there could be a publicly funded incentive to marry a suitable cousin.  Spending money on marriages is quite accepted everywhere I know of.  Now the question might be, “You just married each other for the money, didn’t you?”  A tender scene should follow this as well.  But there would be far less emotional baggage in it for the child. 

“No, we were in love, but we accepted the money for you.”  That would work.  “Yes, that’s why we are together, buy we have you because we wanted you, would work also.”  There might even be, “We wanted you and we realized that the government’s advice was serious, so we followed it and of course accepted the reward.” 

I don’t give advice, even to experts and far less to innocent people.  But were I quizzed today that is probably what I would say.

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