The Newton Enigma a novel by Linton Herbert


This is not suitable for children.


I am taking a break for a time from making scientific presentation.I am up to my ears in the latest phase of the computations and have high hopes, but it will have to wait.


This is a novel.FACT: THIS IS FICTION.


So donít take it seriously.I wrote it years ago when I was sure I had the truth of the matter down but had a rather limited data base and no help whatsoever.So I prepared what I had in a fictional context along with some fanciful stuff.There is some nudity and violence.Things alleged might or might not be true.If you are curious, you are going to have to check them out for yourself.


The story features some codes to crack, arranged in increasing level of difficulty.If you canít crack one, donít worry, it will all be explained in good time.The bad news is that there are some errors in the coded messages.That might be due to the fact that the characters were under time pressure when they wrote them or that I was under time pressure when I wrote the book.


I hope you have fun with it.The first chapter will be the next posting on this web site.


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