Julian Assange:
Ordinarily I would call this “Open letter to …”  But it’s only a letter if you intend to send it.  Of course I have no intention of sending this anywhere but to my web log.  Assange, as you no doubt know, is in charge of a program called WikiLeaks, which posts material that has been leaked from government sources, which has not endeared him to the US government.  I think the French say the US only has servants and objects of espionage, and in many cases they are the same.  So if Assange wants to see this he’ll have to find it himself.   So let’s see whether I can recruit his considerable energies for The Cause.

June 29, 2015

Dear Julian Assange:
I’ll say right up front I have no secrets for you, nor do I wish to learn anything about you not easily available through Google.  But I do appeal to you as a journalist with brains, courage and the public welfare at heart.

The fact is that overwhelming evidence indicates that adequate fertility demands adequate kinship.  Lacking kinship out to say tenth cousin among those who marry, a population faces extinction.  If you want a reference the recently published textbook Handbook on Evolution and Society is the best authoritative statement.  Look at chapter 19, “Marry in or Die Out,” by the brilliant Robin Fox.  If you want to see more I hoard it up on nobabies.net.  There is a summary I posted the first of this year.

If you cannot get the book, I understand your options are limited, let me know how I can get a copy to you.  It’s not cheap, but this is very important, and I’m sure you have a way of communicating with the world at large. 

It can hardly have escaped your attention that the birth rate among rich nations is too low for long term survival.  There is a general assumption that this will somehow correct itself, but an experiment done with mice by a man named Calhoun indicates otherwise.  A large population of mice was followed.  The population grew until one day all live birth ceased forever.  In a world where we never marry cousins, which is everybody except in some remote areas of Africa and the Mid East, this spells doom.  Compared with this no other problem is important.  So I am hoping you will lend your mind to figuring how to warn people.  I have tried and failed.


M. Linton Herbert MD

Well what do you think?  Will he take the bait?  Will he even ask for a free book?  It’s good reading.

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