Keeping it cheerful:
I detect a tendency on my own part to spend more time talking about the process of getting the word out than time spent talking about the word.  It gravels me when others do that, to I hope I do not offend.  But at least you might learn from my errors.  After all, the secret I speak of is actually the Tree of Life.  It is also the Holy Grail, but that is another story.  The Tree still grows in Eden, according to the tale, by the way is guarded by that angel with the flaming sword.  He can’t hurt you.  All he can do is scare you.  But that is all he needs to do.  I look into the eyes of those I explain it to and I see a look that is quite unhappy, but which I can’t explain much farther except that it is followed by dismissal.  Would that I could see out of those eyes or listen in their heads and detect the problem, but no, I would not get permission; otherwise they would speak.

I tend to sound off on doom and gloom.  That is a tactical error.  You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  Those who tweet, that is send messages on twitter, have varying degrees of success.  Those who are upbeat and cheerful attract more followers than the Porkypines (you remember Pogo) among us.  (What Makes Heroic Strife ECNOMOMIST vol. 403 bo. 8781 April 21, 2012 page 93) There is a bit of an epistemological problem here.  Maybe they are simply cheerful if they find their news is being well received.  But maybe the causality runs the other way.

What I have to say is good news.  I think Francis Bacon said more or less, “If you try to convert somebody by saying only your God can save him from hell, he will simply disbelieve in your hell.”  If I say, “We can have just the number of babies we want if we only use an appropriate mating strategy; encourage people to marry with the right amount of consanguinity.”  They say, “But there are too many babies.”  I respond, “Ah but nay.  There are many countries in crisis because of too few.”  There I am being the prophet of doom.  Maybe I should try wearing a goat skin.

Anyway I shall attempt to be as sanguine as I can.  The proof I have already presented is beyond reasonable doubt, and more proof is on the way in a few months and then again in a year or two.  Having rational control of fertility would open doors long dreamed of.  Most of us think those doors are already open of course, but at present they are not. 

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