Letter returns from Neil Howe:
Back on June 23 I posted a letter I then sent to Neil Howe.  He was Coauthor of the book Generations and a book The Fourth Turning, which was quite similar.  I thought their idea of each generation imprinting something onto the character of the next was brilliant.  Sadly his coauthor has died and I mailed the letter since I could not find an email for him.  The address I had found was at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  Sound like a masterpiece of saying what you up to, eh?

Well the letter has come back indicating no such person.  Mapquest doesn’t have any trouble finding the building.  It looks perfect for a place of that name.  Anyway I’m giving up.  He does not seem to want to be found.  If you are reading this while you are sitting across the table from him feel free to turn your notebook, phone, i-pad or whatever around. 

There have been 223 visitors over the past month and falling.  90 people have tagged up on YouTube.  My medical school class has a sort of facebook thingie. Just about everybody has shown up except the two friends I knew best.  When I speak there the whole system goes silent.  I’d go paranoid if there were any money it it.

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