August 29, 2017



Hello Mark Johnston,

It has been about three months since I sent a paper entitled “Kinship Governs Fertility with Pre- and Post-zygotic Mechanisms Mediated by Match of Methylation Patterns” to Genetics.  I was given to expect a reply in about a month, but the chilling thought just struck me that my trusty AOL mail service might have tucked a reply into my spam folder, which I almost never check.  

Another journal has expressed interest in the paper, which they found on the preprint server.  I am rather stuck, trying to be courteous to all: beg you for an answer or go where I’m wanted.

I don’t mean to be unsympathetic.  I know everyone is an unpaid volunteer, working for the general weal.  But I have another paper in the works that will cite this one, so I am dead in the water twice.  I’m sure your referees are up against it, since this is essentially a paradigm shift … although that term I only hear used after the fact.  They may simply be stalled out.  I think you’re within your rights to call silence consent, but that would be pushing it.

I’d much appreciate a response however terse: “scram” or “on it” would be much appreciated.  This time I promise to check my spam folder.  Give it a couple of weeks, say it’s the 29th of August, making two weeks the 12th of September.  If I hear nothing, I shall assume a distinct lack of enthusiasm and send a proper withdrawal. 

M. Linton Herbert 

He got back to me and said I’d been turned down the next day.  I wish I had known; there go three months shot for nothing.

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