A letter to a friend:
I have a good friend whom I have not met in person but who has provided a great deal of help and encouragement over the years in my various searches for truth.  This goes back long before I had any suspicion of the fact that societies fail because their genetic diversity drives their fertility down. 

I wrote him recently. Here is an excerpt.

  1. People who do not marry kin do not have enough babies.  (Lots of evidence for this.)
  2. Over generations, (five or ten, depending on the end point you are looking for) this means that a population that is not severely restricted in size will undergo demographic collapse.  (Enormous amounts of evidence for this.)
  3. Iron clad logic, once you stumble on it, indicates that an unrestricted population will go extinct in something like 2,000 generations or roughly the time to speciation.  (I have some evidence that speciation turns up at about a thousand generations, 2000 is close enough.)
  4. Evolution does not promote populations that are going extinct.  Thus a complex mechanism has evolved that prevents the 2,000 generation catastrophe by editing out any population that approaches 1,000 which is to say 2,000 copies of any one chromosome.  (So on average chromosomes are all separated by 2,000 generations if they reach equilibrium.)
  5. It does this by limiting the fertility of any population marked for elimination.  (That was point 1, of course.)
  6. It also uses other means.  (And now I step off the deep end into speculation.)
  7. Nature – evolution – uses the brain to decide that the individuals in mind didn’t want to have babies after all. (After all, evolution made the brain, so it must serve evolution’s purposes.  Besides, there is good evidence again.  Now for the big one.)
  8. In a small population – one with some chance of survival – nature makes people decide prudently to exclude outsiders so as to stay viable.  (BUT)
  9. If the population becomes too large and diverse, that prejudice is reversed.  Now nature’s only interest is in getting this large, doomed and terribly dangerous to the species population off the table.  So nature tells the brain, “The more diversity the better.  Stir up that gene pool.  It’s random mating time.”  (Actually this is well documented in mouse populations, but nobody has noticed it.)
  10.  Among “good families” in our culture there has long been a tradition of outbreeding.  People pride themselves on their lack of prejudice and look for a soul mate based on moral principles, similar interests, good emotional vibrations and so forth rather than just marrying some cousin because she’s convenient.  (No evidence for that.  Sorry.)
  11.  The mighty of the earth, the intellectuals, the leaders, those who care and strive, come from good families.  (Is that prejudicial?  I hope not.  But I think it’s true.  I think any anthropologist would support the notion.)
  12.  Therefore the leaders of society cannot believe what I am saying.  Nature has hard wired them to believe the opposite. 


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