Loneliness 2:
Even rats need people, that is if you mean other rats.  “Social Isolation Biases Rodent Data” Science vol. 365 no. 6454 August 16, 2019 page 653 Manouze et al. higher stress and anxiety PRS eNeuro 6,  ENEURO.179-18.219(219)
Here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3aIQuMWJCA
is an interview with Johann Hari, who wrote Lost Connections.  Hari points out that we are the first society to abandon its tribal/extended family/village social structure.  I’m not entirely in agreement.  All those dead civilizations appear to have done just that, a critical portion substituting out their old communities for identity with the ruling elite.  But I take his point. 
The result has been social isolation leading to loneliness, anxiety and depression on a dreadful scale.  His answer is to establish groups of friends, who meet regularly and have a common interest as well as mutual support.  He mentions an interest in gardening as a successful interest. 
The loneliness epidemic and the resulting anxiety and depression have also been discussed by and Stefan Molyneux https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6WjZOGqoMI He agrees on the core cause, but his solution is to rebel intellectually against the narrative offered by the power elite and join the community of those who think for themselves.  I wrote him and got no answer so from that standpoint a gardening club seems a bit better. 
What seems most odd to me is that neither of these people seem to think that reestablishing the old tribe/extended family/village is a good idea even though the loss is the fundamental cause of the problem.  The idea doesn’t even come up for mention.
Check out the YouTube links.  They aren’t long.  Let me know if I am mistaken.  What neither mentions is that you have to marry cousins, the whole tribe has to do so with rare exceptions, or the population will die.  Nature is warning you.  It does not matter how distant the outsider is; everybody more distant than say 9th cousin is alike; it’s the repeated outbreeding generation after generation that will kill the population off.  Check out http://nobabies.net/YouTube%20links.html the first 32 shows, and follow along the first 32 scripts at http://nobabies.net/movie%20scripts.html
Sure it will take some time.  But you’re young.  Not just any random group will do.  It has to be extended family.  I have no idea about how anyone would go about it, but surely if everybody knew the underlying biology it would help.  That is why I continue to hammer the point. 
Another point arises.  It seems to me that people nowadays spend a lot more time and energy hating people in other groups than when I was a child.  I don’t know whether this has anything to do with loneliness per se or whether as outbreeding infertility accumulates there is a related mental set change toward anger.  I don’t even know right off the bat how you could collect relevant data. 
I cannot count the times somebody I have known abandoned home, set up elsewhere and then got depressed, really depressed.  If you have the audacity to try to put your extended family back together, please let me know.
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