I have a real treat for you.  For years I have pushed with
mule-like stubbornness on the fact that for fertility to last
for more than a few generations, a high proportion of the
members of a population must marry kin – something like
fourth or fifth cousins, say.  That demand is so difficult that
I have neglected to mention that there is obviously more to
a relationship than fertility.  If you do not know why kinship
is so important, go to the home page, scroll on up to the link
to “video scripts,” print out the first 32, then return to the
home page and watch the relevant videos. 
The study will keep you for hours of lockdown.  It may
seem melancholy, but it is as important as the mechanics
of sex.  If you are left with any question, email me at

The treat is that there is a wonderful site:
It talks about everything else in a relationship, issues I have totally
neglected.  I think you will find it both wise and delightful.  

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