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It's been a while, but I'm trying again. I can't give you stats today. Something seems to have changed on Google Chrome and as they have never tired of pointing out they no longer support Windows XP, which is about the best, and I think still the most popular, operating system. 

From time to time I mention that is happy to let their work be made public.  They say it thus:
Can I make a screen dump and publish it on my webpage?
Yes, as long as your purpose is educational, informational or non-commercial and you give the source: “Free material from” Downloaded from Gapminder. 

What I have said from time to time is that if you look at the stats on total fertility and age at first marriage for women, you find that fertility falls and then roughly stabilizes and then age at first marriage rises and so far as I know never reverses nor slows.  This implies two different mechanisms. So you can pitch “choice” out with the rubbish: that’s only one mechanism.  Anyway, here is a movie of the world since 1942 broken down by country and year, the countries being the bubbles in the graph:

Gapworld 01

And here is the same movie in which I have highlighted Sweden and Germany just to make them graphic; I think they probably are reasonably representative of the middle class worldwide.



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